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 Blackfoot Challenge Photo Images Listing- NoneReport
 Blackfoot Challenge Press Releases Inventory Bernd-Cohen, Tina  NoneReport
 Blackfoot Challenge Project Summaries, Past to Present Bernd-Cohen, Tina  NoneReport
 Blackfoot Challenge Promotes Better Communities Through Cooperation- PartnersNewspaper
 Blackfoot Challenge Receives Award- NoneNewspaper
Blackfoot Challenge Rises to Task Lee, Sonja  PartnersNewspaper
 Blackfoot Challenge Slides- NoneReport
 Blackfoot Challenge Strategic Planning Meeting 2003 Bernd-Cohen, Tina  NoneReport
 Blackfoot Challenge Weed Committee Annual Report 2003 Weed Commmittee  WeedsReport
 Blackfoot Challenge Weed Pull, June 7 Jenkins, Caroline  WeedsNewspaper
 Blackfoot Challenge Wildlife Committee Annual Report 2003 Wilson, Seth  WildlifeReport
 Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Project Proposal Important Birzell, Megan  NoneNewspaper
 Blackfoot Community Project Celebrates Conservation and Preserving a Rural Lifestyle- CSCNewspaper
 Blackfoot Community Project land purchase Anon  CSCNewspaper
Blackfoot Community Project Land Purchase Continues to Make Headway Vanderheiden, Alicia  PartnersNewspaper
 Testing Again Test, Test  FundraisingReport
 Blackfoot Community Project Reaches Seeley Lake Area Vanderheiden, Alicia  PartnersNewspaper
 Blackfoot Community Project Secures Second Installment Bernd-Cohen, Tina  PartnersPress Release
 Testing Again Test, Test  FundraisingReport
 Blackfoot Community Project Secures Third Installment of Timber Lands- PartnersNewspaper
 Blackfoot Conservation Deal Completed Devlin, Sherry  PartnersNewspaper
Blackfoot Conservation Effort Wins Award Backus, Perry  FundraisingNewspaper
 Blackfoot Drought Response Will Be Necessary in 2007 McDonald, Brian  WaterNewspaper
 Blackfoot Easement to Protect 7,500 Acres Cramer, John  CSCNewspaper
Blackfoot Energy Efficiency Success Story- WaterMagazine

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