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 Drought Response Actions - 2001 Water Year Blackfoot Drought Response Com  WaterReport
 Drought Response Actions - 2002 Water Year Blackfoot Drought Response Com  WaterReport
 Drought Response Committee Report 2001 Blackfoot Drought Response Com  WaterReport
 Dry land Farming and Livestock As Sources of Nitrate in Ground Water- NoneBrochure
 Easement Protects 7,500 Acres in Blackfoot Valley Frank, Matthew  CSCMagazine
 Ecological Classification Upper Blackfoot River Basin Montana Jensen, Sherman  WaterReport
 Ecosystem Matters Adams, Mary  NoneReport
 Education Committee Focuses on Place-Based Education Gale, Megan  EducationNewspaper
 Educator's Guide - To Be or Not To Be a Fish Leavenworth National Fish Hatc  EducationBook
 Effects of Recreation on Rocky Mountain Wildlife - A Review for Montana- WildlifeReport
 Electric Fence Helps Keep Bears Out of Dump Backus, Perry  WildlifeNewspaper
Endangered Species - Montana's Blackfoot Valley Reese, April  WildlifeReport
 Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis for the Mike Horse Dam and Impoundment Tailings - Draft- WaterReport
 Environmental Assessment for The Alice Creek Basin in Preparation for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial- WaterReport
 Environmental Impact Statement and Native Fish Habitat Conservation Plan Dwyer, Thomas J.  NoneReport
 Estimated Loads of Suspended Sediment . . . Through Milltown Reservoir 2004-07 Lambing, John  WaterReport
 Experimental Forests, Ranges, and Watersheds in the Northern Rocky Mountains Schmidt, Wyman  EducationReport
 Face the State: Montana Forests and Fire- NoneVHS Tape
Federal Funds to Purchase Plum Creek Land Holdings Backus, Perry  FundraisingNewspaper
 Field Guide to Montana's Wetland Vascular Plants. Lesica, Peter  WaterReport
 Field Methods for Measurement of Fluvial Sediment Edwards, Thomas K.  WaterReport
 Field Staff Implementation Report for The Blackfoot Emergency Drought Response Plan McLane, Michael  WaterReport
 Final Dissertation - Distribution of Trace Elements in Floodplain Soils and Sediments of the Upper Blackfoot River Vandeberg, Gregory S.  WaterCD
 Fish Populations Status in Eight Major Lakes in the Clearwater River Drainage, Montana, 1995-2002 Berg, Rodney K.  WaterReport
 Fish Species Fish Distribution (fishdist.txt) Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Pa  NoneOther

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