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 Across the Big Sky Anon  WildlifeNewspaper
 Adopt-A-Trout: Internet Provides Way for All to Join Gadbow, Daryl  EducationNewspaper
 America . . . Pass it on Gladstone, Jack  NoneVHS Tape
 American Farmland: The Magazine of American Farmland Trust- NoneMagazine
 An Analysis of Fish Habitat and Population Conditions in Developed and Undeveloped Watersheds on the Lolo National Forest Riggers, Brian W.  WaterReport
An Historical Sketch of Montana's Ranching History Wilson, Seth  WildlifeNewspaper
 An Integrated Stream Restoration and Native Fish conservation Strategy for the Blackfoot River Basin Pierce, Ron  WaterReport
 Annual Blackfoot Weed Pull & River Clean-up- WeedsNewspaper
 Aquatic Insects and Their Imitations - For all North America Hafele, Rick  EducationBook
 Aquatic Investigations In The Middle Blackfoot River Nevada Creek and Nevada Spring Creek Corridor Pierce, Ron  WaterReport
 Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Survey of the Blackfoot River, Montana August 1988 and 1989 McGuire, Daniel L.  WaterReport
 Asleep at the Wheel on Tap for Benefit Concert- PartnersPress Release
 Atlas of America's Polluted Waters- WaterReport
 Award Recognized Blackfoot Valley Rancher - Bill Potter- CSCNewspaper
 Barbed-wire Bears Dickson, Tom  WildlifeMagazine
Baucus Said He Secured More $ Than Burns Straub, Noelle  NoneNewspaper
 Big Blackfoot Chapter of Trout Unlimited Establishes Restoration Priorities Pierce, Ron  PartnersNewsletter
 Blackfoot Challenge and Msla County Rural Initiatives Host Presentation- CSCNewspaper
Blackfoot Challenge and TNC Prepare for Re-sale of Plum Creek Land- PartnersPress Release
 Blackfoot Challenge Announces Conservation of Important Forest Lands Bernd-Cohen, Tina  PartnersPress Release
Blackfoot Challenge Celebrates Successes & Whitehouse Selects BC as Exemplary Initiative Bernd-Cohen, Tina  NonePress Release
 Blackfoot Challenge Drought & Water Conservation Committee Swings Into Action Poett, Harry  WaterNewsletter
Blackfoot Challenge Holds Public Meeting in Ovando Gym- CSCNewspaper
 Blackfoot Challenge Hosted Partners for Conservation- PartnersNewsletter
Blackfoot Challenge Hosts Public Meeting In Ovando, Nov. 28- CSCNewspaper

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