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Blackfoot Challenge Outlines Interim Management of Former Plum Creek Lands Vanderheiden, Alicia  PartnersNewspaper
Blackfoot Challenge Praised as National Role Model for Agency Brass Cramer, John  PartnersNewspaper
Blackfoot Challenge Presented With National Stewardship Award from USFWS Bernd-Cohen, Tina  NonePress Release
Blackfoot Challenge Sets Nationwide Example- NoneNewspaper
 Blackfoot Challenge Strikes Land Agreement with Plum Creek Lowery, Courtney  PartnersNewspaper
 Blackfoot Challenge Works to Maintain Landscapes and Rural Lifestyles- NoneMagazine
 Blackfoot Challenge, TNC Prepare for Resale of Plum Creek Lands Vanderheiden, Alicia  PartnersNewspaper
 Blackfoot Community Conservation Area Council Opening- CSCNewspaper
 Blackfoot Community Project - Land Purchases Complete Kappel, Tana  PartnersMagazine
Blackfoot Community Project Moving Forward in Lincoln Vanderheiden, Alicia  PartnersPress Release
Blackfoot Community Project Secures First Installment of Plum Creek Land- CSCPress Release
 Blackfoot Community Project Secures Third Installment Bernd-Cohen, Tina  PartnersPress Release
Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Project A Smart Approach to Forest Management Sanders, Gordy  CSCNewspaper
 Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Project Would Create 45-51 Local Jobs- CSCNewspaper
 Bees and Bears, Not Always a Sweet Conflict Wilson, Seth  WildlifeNewspaper
 Benchmarking Your Organization's Development Institute for Conservation Lea  NoneOther
 Testing Again Test, Test  FundraisingReport
 Testing Again Test, Test  FundraisingReport
 Blackfoot Emergency Drought Response Group Prepares for Low Flows McDonald, Brian  PartnersPress Release
 Blackfoot Emergency Drought Response Plan Implemented McDonald, Brian  WaterPress Release
 Big Blackfoot Chapter of Trout Unlimited Awarded Grant- PartnersNewspaper
Biologists Release Trumpeter Swans AP  WildlifeNewspaper
 Bird Conservation Along the Madison - Missouri River Corridor American Bird Conservancy  WildlifeBrochure
 Bird Walk to Kick Off 2007 Watershed Education Series Gale, Megan  EducationNewspaper
Bitterroot group counters land deal Devlin, Vince  PartnersNewspaper

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